Immediate opening for Chamber High School Internship

Initial Compensation is a $500 chamber scholarship, then option to continue for hourly pay afterward

Job Summary: The intern will provide visitor center staffing and office assistance to the Chamber. The intern will represent Floyd and its Chamber by assisting visitors, residents, chamber members, and potential members.

Job Goal: To provide assistance with the daily operations of the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce and Floyd Visitor Center while providing work experience, job skills enhancement, and future opportunities to a local high school student.

Primary Duties and Areas for Experience:

  • Public Relations
    Greeting and assisting visitors and residents who contact the Visitor Center/Chamber for information and referrals
    Answering telephone and taking messages as needed.
    Assisting with new membership inquiries or membership services requests.
    Assisting with press releases, thank you notes, and other member correspondence.
    Assisting with Social Media.
    Assisting in keeping website updated with member info, activities, announcements, etc.
  • Bookkeeping:
    Assist with receiving payments and preparing bank deposits.
    Assisting with record keeping for events and payment of dues.
  • Special Events Planning and Support
    Attending and assisting in Chamber functions: After Hours, Member Dinner, Ribbon Cuttings, Fundraisers, etc.
  • Non-profits
    Learning differences between for profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Accountability
    As needed, meeting with school staff on a regular basis to report on progress and goals.

Work Schedule:

  • Determined according to Intern’s school schedule. Weekly hours will typically range between 5-15 hours with weekend hours included. A minimum of 70 hours per semester is required.
  • Some Flexibility in hours needed to allow for occasional evening events.

Skills and Qualifiers:

  • Personable with Professional Demeanor
    Able to converse with visitors, members of community, and other business professionals.
    Presents with professional attitude and appropriate attire.
  • Reliable, Responsible, and Self motivated
    Able to take initiative, work alone or with others, complete assigned tasks in a timely manner, and take responsibility of self.
    Able to manage schedules and arrive to scheduled commitments on-time.
  • Computer, Writing and Math skills
    Word, Excel, Facebook.
    Web design programs and Quickbooks helpful but not a priority.
    Able to write a grammatically correct sentence with legible handwriting.
    Able to perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without a
  • Able to handle and be responsible for cash transactions.
  • Knowledge of Floyd County Attractions, the region and the culture.
  • If qualified for school Work-Release Program, chamber can participate in program requirements as needed.
  • Ability to travel to off-site event locations (will only be considered commuting to worksite, not delivering/transporting anything.)

Compensation and Benefits:

  • First 50 hours applied to a $500 chamber scholarship
  • After scholarship award is earned, option to continue with hourly compensation that is based on performance/qualifications/experience.
  • Get time off for School Holidays, Federal Holidays, Snows Days, & Test Days.
  • Gain real world experience in the workplace to strengthen job skills and resume. Increase chances of obtaining future opportunities and professional connections and references.  An internship a great way to start a career and become more competitive.  It provides an opportunity to take a career plan for a test drive and enhances college applications.

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Testimonial from Resa Mattson, former chamber intern and current chamber administrative assistant
“As the chamber intern, I learned a lot about how businesses function and I’ve seen what it’s like to run a business/non-profit. Because of the experiences I have had and the skills I’ve learned, I’ve even decided to study business management in college.  The internship also helped me become more comfortable socially through working with visitors coming into the visitor center. I’m very thankful for all the knowledge I have gained from my internship.”