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Join The Floyd County
Chamber of Commerce

Membership Investment Schedule

(Application Form Is Below)

For 2018-19 Membership Year

The membership year starts on July 1, and runs through June 30 (concurrent with the chamber’s fiscal year.)  New members joining after January 1 will pay a prorated amount effective through June 30. Annual dues invoices for the upcoming year are sent to current members at end of June and are due by end of July.

The annual membership investment is fixed by the Board of Directors and suggests a scale of dues based upon ability to pay as a guide to equitable support.                                                                                 

Dues Categories

Annual Dues Amount


















Number of Employees                

(Owners count as one employee,the rest are based on full-time equivalents.)



0- 5

$85.00                                             ($29)



$175.00                                           ($58)



$250.00                                           ($83)



$400.00                                         ($133)


Additional Business*

1/3 rate for appropriate category, in parentheses above

*Members with multiple businesses will receive one membership per dues category paid. Additional businesses may join at one-third the standard dues rate but the dues for the primary membership must be the highest dues category amongst the multiple businesses.

For example: three businesses under same ownership – one “6-20”, two “0-5” businesses would pay $175 plus $29 each for the remaining two.


Download the Membership Information/Application Form
print and complete the forms and mail to:
Floyd County Chamber of Commerce
109 E. Main St. Floyd, VA 24091


An invoice for membership dues will be e-mailed to you upon receipt of your membership application.  You will have the option of paying online, in person or by mail.


Thank you for your interest in chamber membership.